Necromorphous Embalming & Restorative Arts Training


Necromorphous is a new venture designed by Jason Scott King MBIE, accredited tutor of the British Institute of Embalmers and restorative artist.

The aim of Necromorphous is to develop professional training for people who work in the funeral and death care services.


The intention is that people who embark upon these courses will then be better able to help families say their final goodbye, leaving the bereaved with a peaceful eternal image of solace.

By doing this we are able to help society to deal psychologically with the death of a loved one, allowing light to enter the empty darkness by clearing the mind of perceived traumatic images of the deceased.


Updating or learning altogether new professional skills demonstrates a commitment to further education and your vocation. This benefits your professional development, your company’s reputation and the services the firm can offer to the client.


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Professional embalmers can work miracles but the impossible takes a little longer and requires higher levels of skill.

Many embalmers do not have these skills or are not given the time needed today to deal with problem cases, which are becoming more frequent!



As medical science pushes its boundaries and the law tightens to protect the living, embalming is becoming increasingly challenging. Today our clients are more informed about what we do in the funeral industry, and as a result their expectations and aspirations as to what should be possible become greater.  



Many embalmers and employers may not know what is required today to fully and successfully stabilise the deceased, and facilitate the family’s visitation. As a result we are failing their needs due to a lack of understanding.

 I trained with very basic chemicals, techniques and cosmetics.  This was accepted practise then, however I always felt that there was a better product, skill or knowledge that I did not have. Throughout my career I have been searching for better ways to help the bereaved by delivering the highest standard of care and always keeping my integrity.

I am still learning, but wish to pass on the knowledge and techniques I have already acquired to others who have the will to learn more so as to benefit their clients’ needs.

Change starts with individual choice and a conviction to make a difference in this world, regardless of the difficulties.

All photographs and illustrations Copyright © 2010 Jason King M.B.I.E. All rights reserved - any unauthorised use without expressed permission will constitute an infringement of copyright.


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Now registered with the UK Register of Learning Providers

UKPR No: 100 570 71

All courses suspended due to health issues, but looking forward to getting back up and running in 2020 !