Necromorphous Embalming & Restorative Arts Training


After expanding my knowledge of chemistry and anatomy and applying it to my work, I was able to produce amazing results for clients. However when I was presented cases with trauma injuries I was always disappointed with the final results; no matter how good the reconstruction, traditional mortuary cosmetics often looked false and unnatural.




Mortuary Cosmetic Course


This is an intensive, comprehensive two day restorative cosmetic course focused upon traditional and airbrush cosmetics in the death care industry, designed for Embalmers, Funeral Operatives, Funeral Directors and Mortuary Technicians.

  • Small classes of no more than 6 students

  • Traditional and airbrush cosmetic principles and theory

  • Comprehensive work book issued

  • Practical activities throughout the weekend including; traditional and airbrush cosmetic application, techniques, skills, airbrush maintenance, hair, eye lash and eyebrow replacement, and more

  • Practical heads and hands cosmetised over the two days are the students to keep as a record of their achievements

  • All materials and equipment supplied

  • Lunch buffet, soft drinks, tea and coffee provided each day




Airbrush cosmetics have a significant advantage over traditional cosmetic application with regards to subtlety, precision and impact. With the correct training, perseverance and initiative, it is possible to apply subtle cosmetics which can produce an effective result that reflects how a person would have appeared in life.


I still teach traditional cosmetic application in this course as it forms a fundamental foundation for understanding mortuary cosmetics, is extremely useful for minor trauma and light cover and is an inexpensive option for the funeral profession; I often combine both disciplines in my daily work.


I designed the course with the intention of providing a relaxed programme which gives the student a skills base for them to build upon in their future career.


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South Wales cosmetic course

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Necromorphous is a serious and evolving educational concern. If you are looking to increase your knowledge and skills or those of your employees, and wish to make a difference in the service that you can offer to the grieving, you will be most welcome on this course.

Mortuary Cosmetic Course Information

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2018 cosmetic course dates: 4th - 5th June

& 16th - 17th of July

Blackwood, Wales, U.K.

The people in these photos are not deceased, but living colleagues who were made to look dead, before being re-cosmetised to demonstrate the amazing effects of airbrush cosmetics.  

All photographs and illustrations Copyright © 2010 Jason King M.B.I.E. All rights reserved - any unauthorised use without expressed permission will constitute an infringement of copyright.

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