Necromorphous Embalming & Restorative Arts Training


I have been a practical embalmer since 1991 and have cared for thousands of deceased people over the years. I have always practised to the highest standards, learning from every experience and evaluating each case ready for the next. I have advised many other embalmers on technical issues, presented lectures and written technical articles.                                                

Quality rather than quantity, and nothing is too much trouble!

Cases include:


• Advanced decomposition, including extreme tissue gas

• Extreme Oedema

• Long-term preservation

• Tissue and bone donators

• Facial soft tissue loss due to animals, physical trauma and extreme burns

• Facial and cranial bone trauma

• Infectious TB, HIV, Hepatitis A, B and C


I have never received a deceased person into my care that I have not been able to make viewable for the family. Using my expertise I am able to provide the family with a more pleasant visitation and final image of their loved one.

I believe that this is very important for psychological wellbeing and healing during grieving. Images harboured from official identification or shocking discovery of the deceased can be very traumatic and need to be replaced by a more peaceful and pleasant vision which will allow fond memories to return. This can be achieved by providing an exceptional standard of embalming and restoration, and therefore encouraging viewing.


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  • I believe that the practice of embalming is in the interest of public health                                                                                                            and promise to promote embalming to the best of my ability.


  • I will treat with respect each dead human body.


  • I pledge a complete and confidential relationship to those I am called upon to serve.


  • I will endeavour to promote scientific research in the problems affecting embalming.  


  • I undertake to abide by the regulations of the BIE and to support, to the best of my ability,                                                                                  any meetings or gatherings arranged by them.                                                                                                          

Recent Activity, demonstrations and teaching


• I have presented technical lectures to the Southern, South Western and North East divisions of the British Institute of Embalmers.


• On a national level I have presented lectures and demonstrations at the Scottish educational weekend in Edinburgh 9th October 2005 and September 2013.


• I presented an explanation of embalming for Bristol city council emergency planning society, and representatives from other UK councils at a Valediction day 11th September 2009.


• I also presented two lectures on embalming for the FuSEMBA (management of funeral service masters of business administration) sponsored by the Barcelona University.


• At the BIE Keele educational weekend September 2006 I undertook an airbrush demonstration and at the 2008 Keele, I gave a lecture on pH, post-mortem changes and how these factors affect the embalmer. Keele 2010 I was asked to run a practical educational session on airbrush cosmetics where everyone could have an opportunity to try some airbrush skills and Keele 2012 I gave a lecture on Oedema management.





I have always believed in the BIE code of ethics, and I know in my heart that what I can achieve as a professional embalmer has enormous benefits for grieving families.

Worldly experience

In the last couple of years I have designed and run lectures and practical embalming demonstrations in Moscow, Russia and Lagos, Nigeria.  These experiences were extremely valuable in allowing me to understand different funeral cultures, religious rites and practical problems in other countries across the world.


I have worked with translators and linguists, and found language no issue as body language, diagrams and practical tuition is internationally understood; the ability that human beings have to improvise and adapt for their own requirements is remarkably astounding!


I have also helped and worked with government representatives from Uganda, Malaysia and Europe regarding embalming practice and tuition.

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