Necromorphous Embalming & Restorative Arts Training


It was a very welcoming and encouraging environment where there was a lot of learning going on as well as exchanges of ideas. I've been busy singing your praises to all who would listen. I'm also gearing up for a southern division meeting where you will of course get a mention.


You came across very well, brought yourself and your knowledge down to our level so we were able to learn easily.  


As for my head I took home, It looks so real that my mum refuses to look at because she says it's creepy, that what I'll look like in my coffin and she's not ready for that. The head also threw the dog into a state of confusion. He couldn't work out how I could have my head in my hands.


We were all at different levels of ability with the cosmetics yet all the finished heads looked remarkably similar, a sign of a good teacher.


Hi Jason


Firstly, I want to say a big thank you for the weekend, I did indeed have a great time and learnt a great deal, especially regarding the airbrushing. I was very impressed with the way you had put the course together and it was obvious to see that you had approached the subject with the novice in mind but with enough additional information to keep those with a background knowledge interested. I thought the length of the theory sessions was just about right and then to be followed by the practical sessions whilst the knowledge was still fresh was excellent. I especially found the different exercises for airbrushing very useful and it was interesting to see how these related to the actual application on the models.


It is very difficult to find anything that I didn't like about the course, as I feel it was a great success and you should be very proud of the work that you put into it. I realise that the classroom environment was very relaxed, but it is not really the time for networking as we were all there hanging off your every word!


I wish you every success in the future Jason, you have managed to put together a course that is very well thought out, responds to the needs of modern embalming, is relevant and will be of interest to the novice and experienced embalmer alike. I hope you go forward and in the future offer more courses on some of the more difficult aspects of embalming and share you knowledge for the benefit of the profession as a whole. If I can be of any further assistance or you wish to pass on my details to anyone who may want to know more about the course, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Many thanks


Martin Stibbards MBIE

Good morning Jason,


Have your adrenalin levels returned to normal yet???


Just to thank you very much and to let you know I thought your course was excellent I learnt loads. I feel confident enough to use the airbrush on a deceased after one lesson that I find amazing.


You made it very, very easy to understand. The ' hands on' tuition was invaluable, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend.


I've looked at Maria's head this morning & it is very good I am so very pleased with myself, & that is totally down to you.


I know I sprayed the paint but without the knowledge you gave me I would never have been able to achieve such fabulous results.


The money was well spent as it was an excellent, extremely informative course.  


Once again thank you,

Kathy Hall MBIE

Good morning Jason.


I have two words for you WELL DONE!!!


I really enjoyed the course & have gone away from it with a lot more confidence in my general cosmetic applications but more specifically with air brush applications & techniques.


There were some areas that perhaps need a little bit of adjustment but nothing major & you are already aware of improvements that can be made. Perhaps a little more time on the airbrush would be helpful. It was great to be in a room full of experience & whilst I'm sure you found this daunting at first you dealt with that pressure superbly.


One area to note might be either to provide a buffet lunch, to allow attendees to bond over a ham sarnie, or to pre-advise that lunch isn't provided. Perhaps you could do a deal with a local pub to do lunches. However this is only a very small point & comes from my stomach, not my brain!!!


I also hope that you might think about doing a continuation course for more advanced airbrush practice.  


I hope that you have a restful week.


Best wishes.


Tim Jones MBIE.

The course was very well planned with the changes of activities in just the right places in order to keep our attention.


Although I'm quite experienced I learnt loads. On the subjects where I knew quite a lot, it was still a benefit to know that I was doing it the correct way. The course is worth every penny even to an experienced embalmer. As you know my main aim for the weekend was to learn how to airbrush, I learnt far more than that.


Thank you once again


Maria New MBIE


Hi Jason,


Have only just checked my emails! Thank you for yours.


Okay, feedback - I found the course not only to be thoroughly enjoyable, but extremely informative too. As a tech it was good to spend time with other embalmers and listen to their opinions and weren't they all lovely people? I think it's really great how you're trying to get us all together and heighten our awareness through learning.


Right criticism, constructive and not personal - I only have one and that is the way the course is being advertised/marketed. Whilst the illustrations and headings are very artistic, I felt myself, initially they did not create the right impression which made me reluctant to show my Head of Dept (Consultant Histopathologist) when I approached him for funding - and I was right, because his attitude was, as I think I told you - "we don't do hair extensions & make up!!" My impression was also reiterated by my best friend who has been a Funeral Director/Embalmer for over 20years and with an excellent rep.


That said, both have since been very surprised and impressed by the contents of the course and the results that can be achieved so simply, so much so that my best friend has offered me the opportunity to practise and perfect my techniques on his clients. He is very forward thinking and could see the benefits immediately once he saw the "heads" and course work. Once I am up and running so to speak, he is then going to write to you with his own personal opinions, but I need to be able to afford the equipment first which as you know isn't cheap!! It also seems I will be able to use these skills in the mortuary when required - so all very positive responses. If I may offer it, my advice based on this would be to drop the skulls, cross bones and some of the Egyptian illustrations (which contradict what the literature says) and make the presentation look really professional to give an accurate reflection of the importance of acquiring these skills and their benefits.


You truly are an inspiration for our professions and the people like myself that work in them and I found your knowledge and experience to be awesome - it is people like you, with the dedication and commitment that do make all the difference, so I really hope you won't take any offence by what I have said because you have my greatest support with your endeavours.


To my pen!!!! Sorry, I found it - tucked away in a corner of the bottom of that suitcase I haul around with me everyday, but thanks for remembering to look again.


Good luck with it all Jason and really looking forward to attending further courses with you in the future.





Dear Jason,

I found the course to be thoroughly worthwhile, educational and most importantly fun. I would recommend the course to anyone wishing to improve their skills in mortuary cosmetology. Should there be any further related courses in the future, I would certainly be interested.


Best wishes


Well on the Saturday morning when I was walking from the centre of Salisbury to the college I was really feeling quite nervous and unsure of what to expect throughout the day as I have no experience whatsoever with cosmetics, but as soon as arrived at the college the first person I met was Jason. We greeted each other and he explained to me what the day ahead would consist of, almost immediately I felt relaxed and the nerves turned to excitement.


We started off with the theory of colours and where hot spots and shadows are located, this for me was something completely new but when we were given pictures of faces and with the help of Jason started to shade the areas using coloured pencils it all started to come together. This knowledge would then help us through the rest of the course both with the cream cosmetics and the airbrush cosmetics. We were then given heads to try to cosmetise ourselves, personally I had no idea where to start but again with a little help, I felt comfortable and started to experiment, using different colours in different areas and at the end I was quite pleased on how it turned out, especially for the first time I had used cosmetics. The hair replacement was messy but very interesting and valuable to be able to achieve.


Day 2 started with us learning about the structure and how to maintain airbrush itself. I thought this was very good as it was one of the things I was worried about when spending so much money on an airbrush. We were then given a few exercises to practise the different techniques we had learned. Once we had become comfortable with the airbrush we started on the head, the same principles from day 1 applied, so we could concentrate on the use of the airbrush correctly I think everyone in the group was amazed on how well they had done with the airbrush and it is all down to Jason.


Thanks for a brilliant weekend and I will definitely be back for the tissue and bone course when it’s ready.


Got the heads safely not a mark on them thank you and hope to meet you again soon,


Recommendation for Jason Scott King, MBIE



For the last five years I have come to know and appreciate the work of Jason Scott King through my affiliation with the British Institute of Embalmers.  He has proven his academic skill and his professional standards through the disciplines of continued education and clinical experience.  

His knowledge of cosmetics and chemicals have proven over and over his ability to present outstanding cases even under the most traumatic disfigurements.

A graduate of the Vernie Fountain Academy of Advanced Embalming Skills in the US, he has honed these technical experiences and adapted them for use on the most difficult cases.


I recommend him without reservation and would trust him to do case work for my own family.


Nelson E. Hayes, CFSP (Certified Funeral Service Practitioner)


MBIE (Member, British Institute of Embalmers, North American

Past Chairman and current Secretary)


ASE (Member of the American Society of Embalmers)


FSL (Funeral Service Licensee, State of North Carolina, USA)

(Licensed Embalmer and Funeral Director since 1968)



All photographs and illustrations Copyright © 2010 Jason King M.B.I.E. All rights reserved - any unauthorised use without expressed permission will constitute an infringement of copyright.

Hi Jason,


Just a quick email to say thank you for a very enjoyable couple of days (hotel plumbing not included!).  I found it very interesting although I thought I would pick up the airbrushing easier and better than I did.  I was quite disappointed in myself and I guess I just need lots more practice!!!!  I definitely picked up some tips though and it was well worth doing, even taking into account the distance to travel and if you do go ahead and run a waxing/restorative course, I would definitely be interested in that.


As requested this is a gentle reminder to email the photographs you took, especially the end couple with all the class on.  I would be really grateful if you would email them to me.  I did take a few of my own but then my camera started playing silly beggars so I couldn't take many on the second day!!!


Thanks very much again and I hope it didn't take too long to clear and clean all the airbrushes!!!!!!  


I look forward to hearing from you.


Kind regards,



Nicola J L Dawes MBIE.

Hi Jason,


Just a quick line to say thanks for an amazing course.

Your knowledge is top draw and I learnt so much over the 2 days. The course was set out just right, not too much theory and loads of practical sessions. On my first day after the course I was using my new found skills. If the next course is as good as our one I want to be on the course as learning from your vast knowledge can only make me a better embalmer. Once again thank you very much for taking the time to train others to improve.


All the best Russell Lewis



Just wanted to say a quick thank you for all your help on the recent course. It was a fantastic experience and will be recommending it to colleagues in my local area.


Thanks once again,